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WELCOME TO INDIA – A land of rich heritage that’s ancient. The mystique of India, its history of 5000 years, philosophy, religions, fabulous historical monuments all add to its bewildering diversity to create a unique and colorful mosaic. This is the wonder that is India, come, enjoy and experience it.

Agra – The ancient city once the capital of the Mughal empire in the 16th and 17th century, depicts a gorgeous panorama of majestic architectural creations and a rich tradition of art and culture. Agra houses one of seven wonders of the world, the marble symphony of Emperor Shah Jahan - “The Taj Mahal”. Discover the dazzling creations of their craftsmen in other architectural marvels in Agra, the quintessential Mughal City.

Bharatpur – The first wildlife park situated on the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is also called “Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary “, located about 55 kms from Agra. It has a recorded history of 100 years, and, was once the former hunting reserve of the royal family of Bharatpur. Today the sanctuary is home to over 353 species belonging to 56 families, the most famous are the endangered Siberian Cranes which migrate to this sanctuary during winter season. Here you will also find rich aquatic plants and other animal life such as Chital, Black Buck, Deer, Pythons and other reptiles in its 29 sq. kms expanse. Bharatpur is matchless and excellent for viewing migratory aquatic birds and photography.

Chennai – India’s fourth largest city, Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai was the site of the East India company’s first settlement founded in 1639 on land given by the Raja of Chandragiri, the last representative of the Vijaynagar rulers of Hampi. The East India Company was an English trading establishment and thus was the forerunner to the British Empire which, came into political prominence towards the end of the 17th Century. Chennai is basically a conglomerate of over grown villages, and being a major port, today it is also known as the gateway to the South.

Delhi – Capital of modern India. Many dynasties and rulers have flourished on its regal soil over the last 3000 years. The legacy still survives in many monuments varying from the 13th century mausoleum of the Lodi Kings to the buildings of British India's imperial past like the Parliament House and the Presidential Estate.

Goa – The most comprehensive beach resort in the country. Inland, 451 years of Portuguese rule has imbued Goa’s towns and villages with a unique culture. Panjim, the capital city and Margao an important town, have private houses and government buildings dating back to Portuguese times. Unforgettable Goa, a heady blend of serenity and excitement down a 100 km coastline, studded with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches – Calangute, Colva, Baga, Dona Paula, Bogmalo. Idyllic seaside stretches where you create your own kind of holiday.

Jaipur – The capital of Rajasthan, this picturesque city is a symphony in pink, a color which signifies hospitality in Rajput culture. Built by Raja Jai Singh in the 18th century, it is surrounded by hills topped with rugged fortresses and dotted with fairy tale palaces. Ambling camels and brightly dressed locals, reflect Jaipur’s desert heritage while the teeming markets display a profusion of handlooms and crafts. Come visit the city of love, legends and lore.

Jodhpur – Grandeur by the sand dunes, founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, Jodhpur was the capital of the state of Marwar during the rule of the Rathor clan. Set right at the edge of Thar Desert, Jodhpur is strewn with forts and palaces that go back to the 15th century, all vividly testify to the history of the princely state. Khajuraho - Hallmark of the Chandela Dynasty that ruled central India between the 10th and 11th Century A.D., the 25 odd surviving temples are today a world heritage site. The sleepy town rose into prominence when this heritage presented to the world was discovered not so long ago. The temples are world famous for their erotic carvings and have given rise to much speculation since their discovery by a British officer in 1838.

Kochi (Cochin) – Now known as Kochi, is one of India’s largest ports where the misty silhouettes of huge merchant ships can be seen anchored off the point of Fort Cochin waiting for a berth in the docks of Ernakulam or Willingdon island. With its wealth of historical associations – since the times it was visited by the Portuguese, the Dutch and British, this city is a magical blend. Here you can see the oldest church in India, a 500 years old Portuguese house, the cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, a Jewish synagogue and the palace built by the Portuguese.
Kolkata (Calcutta) – The capital of West Bengal, is situated along the banks of the Hooghly river. Calcutta’s, 300 years history traces to the landing of Robert Clive on the banks of the Hooghly. Calcutta now called “Kolkata” was the first headquarters of the East India Company – the British trading establishment which later formed the foothold of the British Empire in this country. Kolkata as an important historical trading port attracted several communities and one can still see the influence of the Chinese, Jewish and Armenian communities.

Mumbai – India’s western gateway is Mumbai ,the capital of Maharashtra. The island of Mumbai defines itself straight from the dictionary –vibrant, vivid and electrifying. The city’s rise from the dowry of a Portuguese queen (when Catherine of Braganza married England’s Charles II in 1661) to the country’s foremost sea port, commercial center and home to the worlds largest film industry, has been nothing short of meteoric. Mumbai, the economic powerhouse of India.

Shimla – The capital of modern India’s mountainous State of Himachal Pradesh is known as the queen of India’s hill stations. Set at an elevation of 2213 m in the pine-forested Shivalik Hills, this was the summer capital of the British administration in India from 1864 to 1939.

Udaipur – This is Rajasthan’s most congenial and romantic city situated in the lap of the thickly wooded Aravali Hills. Founded in 1568 by Maharana Udai Singh following the final sacking of Chittorgarh by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar, Udaipur rivals any of the world famous creations of the Mughals with its Rajput love of the whimsical and its superbly crafted elegance. Udaipur has been called the “Venice of the East”.

Varanasi – amongst the oldest living cities in the world, is also the holiest of Hindu Pilgrimages. Thousands of devotees come here daily to the Banks of the River Ganga to take a ritual dip and cleanse their souls and to worship at its many temples. It is not just important for Hindus ,but has links with Buddhism and Jainism as well. It was at Sarnath close by, that Buddha preached his first sermon and Lord Mahavir also revealed his Jain Philosophy at Kasi – nearby. Varanasi is to Hindus what the Vatican is to Catholics.